Training Services for Horse Drawn Carriage Hire


Carriage driving requires a team effort, including horses, drivers and grooms.



Video of Four in Hand at Bucklebury Ford







Every horse has its own unique personality, which changes with age, and understanding this is the key to their training. 


Their individual personalities play an even greater role when they are required to work in pairs.


This is Mardi and Clifford, whose attention has been caught by someone walking past in a colourful tee shirt.  They are otherwise just standing patiently and waiting for instruction.





Horses need to be reared, bred and cared for throughout their lives.


It’s not like owning a car, which you can just jump into and turn the ignition switch, leave it outside in all weathers, and just put into a garage when it goes wrong. 




All of our carriage horses can be ridden, and we provide training services

for both carriage drivers and carriage horses.






Lightweight two wheel carts are used for the initial carriage training for horses on quiet county roads and other cross country routes.


This familiarises the horse with both pulling and responding to the reins, which is very different for the horse responding to a mounted rider.


Adults of any age with a love and understanding of horses can learn to drive, although a degree of experience of horse riding and generally working with horses is an advantage.




Pebbles undergoing initial training for pulling carriages.


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Horse drawn carriage hire in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Wiltshire.